About the Cox Family

This blog is about our family. Brandon and I married on June 3, 2000 after dating about a year and a half. We went to high school together but never really talked with each other even though we lived on the same road. We now have Connor,8 and Karlea,4. We also have two dogs, Belle and Patch. We also have two goldfish, Freddie and Dory. Hope you enjoy!

Connor and Karlea

Connor and Karlea

Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, August 6, 2012

Last piece of the beach.....

Brandon, the kids, my mom and I went to Gulf Shores for one last little piece of the beach before school starts back. We had the BEST time! We laughed and laughed and made some great memories. We arrived on Thursday afternoon and came back Saturday. We ate at the Original Oyser House, DeSoto's and Streets Seafood. It was so yummy! We went on a Dolphin cruise and shopped and also got plenty of sun and sand! My crazy, wonderful mom paid for most everything although I begged her not to. She is a sweet, caring mother. I just hope when I am older I can give my kids what she has given to me.
The kids "surfing"
Waiting on the Dolphin Cruise
The Pass at Perdido Beach
This little dolphin was being fed by the overflow of fish caught by these shrimpers.

The have real Pirate Ships!!! The people on board throw water balloons or have a hose that they use to wet the other boaters as they go by! How fun! This one had a hose that wet us!!

Connor, Karlea and Ganny

We saw a stingray in the water. It's hard to see, but it's there.
The kids trying out their new skim boards. It's a lot harder to do that it looks. Connor busted it several times. I tried it once and almost ended up on my backside.